Online Marketing Agency —

As a forward thinking online marketing agency, 2 The Top Marketing, Inc. employs its creativity toward reaching targeted leads and converting them into customers for your business. Through a strategic combination of SEM, social promotion and content driven marketing campaigns, we are able to reach high converting traffic and increase sales while maintaining and building a solid brand for your company.

Outsource Your Marketing —

Outsourcing several or all of a company’s marketing programs and initiatives not only saves money for a business but it connects a company to a team of marketing experts who are current with today’s online marketing and technology trends. Our expert marketers provide outsourced marketing services to efficiently design impactful online campaigns while working to grow your business at a fraction of the cost of in-house marketing investments.

Online Content Marketing Agency With Coffee

SEM Agency — Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a vital component of any marketing campaign. Our Agency’s strategies and techniques can methodically position your business at the top of Google, Bing, and Yahoo searches for the targeted keywords your future clients are searching for! By methodically we mean not just for the quick-hit, short term questionable tactics, but for the long term with “White Hat” strategies that protect your website, establish your company’s brand, and attracts the highly qualified prospects

Content Marketing — Content marketing is about engaging clients. Creating irresistible and passionate content that educates a client or solves a problem is the key for enticing a prospect to remain on your web page or request additional content. Well developed content that is targeted toward your ideal customer promotes the engagement process for winning a new and qualified client.

Building Industry Authority Through Content Marketing

Creating Website Authority: A customized Internet Marketing program to market your company’s website for your primary products, locally, regionally or nationally, for your important Keywords/search phrases is an important strategy got online success. There are proven online principles for attracting, engaging, and converting leads into customers. By creating industry authority through content generation and promotion a business can provide consumers with informative content to set them apart from competitors. Content marketing strategies are currently driving online sales.

Designing Responsive and Mobile Compliant Web Sites

Web Design: Many firms simply build websites with templates and cookie-cutter processes. We custom design websites that are mobile friendly for your unique products and services for a targeted marketplace that produces significant marketing results for your business. Our goal for you is to create high online marketing visibility for your business with a website that features your primary products and services while creating a valuable and pleasant user experience. Such an experience encourages a visitor to either purchase online, visit your physical store, initiate a phone call or send an email to have a conversation with you about your products and services. When your website is complete, it will be ready for an online marketing campaign to promote its visibility, have attractive images, well organized content, easy navigation throughout the website, and, importantly, compliant with search engine guidelines that include proper web page optimization for effective marketability. With more than 20 years of experience developing websites for businesses of all sizes, we can work with you to develop a website that will help your business achieve its marketing goals.

Online Business Promotion Through Social media

Social Marketing: The popularity of social media as a means of communicating with your customers and prospects has already been established. Creating accounts and business profiles on the most popular social media sites will connect your business to a targeted audience. We understand how, when and what to post to drive converting traffic to your site. Our plan of social engagement and then tracking that engagement from the first interaction through to the closing sale is what makes our social marketing campaigns so powerful.

Outsource E-Commerce Solutions

E-Commerce: Opportunities to generate revenue in the e-commerce space are often overlooked by businesses. A company that has a well thought-out e-commerce strategy in place is 50 times more likely to increase revenue online. Yet many websites and e-commerce strategies fall short of achieving the expected results and meeting the company’s revenue goals either from lack of pre-planning or marketing deficiencies. 2 The Top Marketing, Inc. can provide the investment of an online business development assessment to uncover online opportunities to develop and create a powerful sales process.

Pay per Click Adwords Campaigns

Pay-Per-Click Advertising: Pay-Per-Click advertising is an effective strategy for driving traffic to your website very quickly. When a pay-per-click advertising campaign is set-up properly and supported with Keyword and Sales Phrase research, it can produce almost immediate results with new visitors to your website. Although effective, costs can quickly increase and the ROI is diminished. 2 The Top Marketing’s campaign management expertise will help maximize the campaign to ensure it continues to increase website traffic while minimizing costs.

Corporate Branding Services

Branding: Most successful companies are those who have a recognizable and trustworthy brand. From creating a corporate identity to digital communications to print messages, our team of experts will create visual assets that can be leveraged throughout all marketing venues within your company’s market segment. The marketplace is crowded and given the high level of competition online for most products or services, brand development is becoming more critical. A top marketing agency uses every opportunity for leverage to gain traction online and effectively reach all potential customers and prospects. 2 The Top Marketing’s creative services will help establish a digital presence with a marketing message that will set your company apart from your competition.

Outsource Local Marketing

Local Marketing: The fastest, most cost-effective way to attract new local customers is with Local Business Profiles. 70% of all mobile searches are now local area searches; local people who are looking for local products and services. For a business looking to grow and expand locally, this is a MUST! As mobile web searches continue to grow, so does the relevance of local business profiles. Local Business Profiles are mobile friendly and allow cell users to quickly find store locations on the go. These work especially well for restaurants, retail stores, gas stations, or any walk-in store front. Being found for local mobile searches is a fast way to increase store traffic. Put your business where customers are searching and allow them to easily find you online.

Outsource Company Marketing Vs. In-HouseMarketing Outsource Agency: Are you considering outsourcing your company marketing? Download this free guide to understand the cost savings and future gains achieved by outsourcing your online marketing versus hiring in-house to complete the work. Quickly understand the value of having a team of industry experts focused solely on the marketing needs of your business and how outsourcing online marketing to an agency returns high rewards.

2 The Top Marketing, Inc. is a top marketing agency founded in 2009 with the goal of building a strong online presence for our clients. With offices in Boise, Idaho and New Hampshire we have generated hundreds of thousands of leads for our clients through content marketing and SEM techniques.

SEO Services

2 The Top Marketing, Inc. is an SEO services agency with over ten years of experience optimizing and ranking web sites for increased search engine presence and lead generation. Our job as a top SEO agency is to provide clients with greater online visibility and increase targeted search engine traffic.  With search engines generating the majority of converting site traffic across the web, we use the power of content marketing and search engine optimization to create high impact marketing campaigns to increase site traffic. Our process for increasing traffic is based on search algorithm research, data driven web site improvements and industry focused content for inbound backlink building.