About 2 The Top Marketing,  Inc.

Marketing with Data Driven Results!

2 The Top Marketing Inc. has helped hundreds of clients put their products or services in front of their target market. Internet Marketing that succeeds is based on research and a proven method of success that 2 The Top Marketing Inc. brings to the table with each client. When it comes to web marketing, we take the time to understand your business and research how consumers search and buy online in your specific industry. This data is how we determine where and how to market your business for success.

The measurement for success of an online marketing campaign is NOT an increase in Facebook fans, site traffic or even top Google rankings. There is no other measurement more important for the growth of a company than the number of new clients gained or a growing number of product purchases. A business can trick themselves into thinking that other data; web visitors, social media ‘Likes’, or prominent placement in search engines is a sign of success. After all, this is what most web marketing companies sell a business to convince them that their marketing dollars actually have a return on investment. The truth is that the key to online success has to do with conversions… the ability to take a site visitor and turn them into a client who will continually hire you for a service or buy your product. Thousands of site visitors or a million Tweets have little value if they don’t increase revenue. The ambiguity of the internet marketing space has enabled marketing companies to provide extraneous web data, employ ambiguous measurements as a symbol of success and the web marketing industry has lost track of what a marketing campaign is really supposed to be about: “Increasing Revenue”.

Established in 2009, 2TheTopMarketing provides its customers a broad, flexible and customized range of strategic choices for establishing a powerful online brand and a vast online presence within a local, regional or national marketplace. The marketplace is crowded and given the high level of competition online for most products or services, it is crucial that every opportunity is leveraged to reach all the customers and prospects within a company’s market segment. And, in a cost-effective manner that sets them apart from their competition.

2 The Top Marketing Inc. will partner with you to create an innovative online marketing campaign with the mutual goal of helping your company build a strong foundation on the web that will facilitate future growth. Our team can cost-effectively implement and manage the whole campaign. Alternatively, we can manage part of the campaign by working hand-in-hand with your marketing department depending upon your budget and available resources. The next several pages describe our portfolio of Online Marketing and Online Business Development Services. With this vast array of services, we can customize a comprehensive online marketing program that fits your budget.

Every company’s Online Marketing objectives vary. Let us customize a unique portfolio of complementary strategies that will help your business cost-effectively achieve its online marketing goals! staying ahead of the curve and providing clean marketing campaigns with a high conversion rate is how 2 The Top Marketing Inc. continues to provide successful internet marketing solutions for businesses across America.