Audience Targeting

Uncovering A Target Market

Inbound marketing is based on creating valuable and informative content focused on attracting a target market. More targeted marketing campaigns typically return higher conversion rates and cost less money. Many marketing companies push targeting specific keywords or on one social media channel in an attempt to corner a market. The first key to target marketing is to shift from the old-school marketing method of targeting a keyword to that of targeting a specific person. We build “Customer Profiles”, a representation of an ideal client, to build our campaigns around. A company profile consists of many different things such as the typical user demographics of age, sex, location, marriage and family status as well as more advertising targeted information; employment history, level of technology use, use of social properties, hobbies, education level, groups or organizations they are part of, spending habits, etc… The more in-depth a persona that we can create the more targeted our marketing campaigns can be.

Marketing To A Specific Audienceie

A typical targeted marketing campaign would consist of the following processes:

Investing the time in each of these processes is essential. Marketing campaigns directed to a carefully designed buyer (persona) results in the attraction of your best customers, delivers a higher ROI, and generates more revenue for your company.

Reaching A Target Market