Marketing With original and Unique Content

Inbound Content Marketing Strategies

Content marketing involves publishing informational and persuasive media with the goal of acquiring more clients, generating leads or strengthening a business brand and/or position as a marketplace leader. This form of marketing is not about direct sales but rather about building consumer trust through informative media and establishing industry expertise. Content that provides solutions and valuable insight for readers is what pulls targeted traffic into a web site.

Content Marketing To Reach Targeted Consumers Writing quality content is only one small aspect of content marketing. Free content that is insightful and that reaches a target audience is what generates a substantial marketing impact. At 2 The Top Marketing our method of business growth through content marketing involves several levels of distribution. The majority of content marketing is created through dissemination of ideas through online channels. Web media invites prospective clients to gain information on a specific topic, gain trust in a business and direct all readers to further content or a product on a web site. Industry publications, newspapers, video and radio content distributed to target markets can also increase visibility but conversion rates tend to be lower.

Time and Physical Space

The major limiting factor of outbound marketing is time and the physical space an individual is in when they interact with the marketing content. A radio advertisement, for example, is typically heard in a car between stop signs, speeding vehicles and other sensory distractions. Unfortunately, during the fifteen minute drive home a sales proposition is easily lost or forgotten. The media that the marketing message is delivered upon is too far away from the purchase location of either a store or web site. Television advertising poses the same problems. Viewing an advertisement on TV requires disconnection from one form of media to connect with another to make a purchase. Dropping a television show and diverting attention to connect online via laptop or smartphone to visit a site and make a purchase is a hard sell. Web content advertising allows internet savvy marketers to reach an audience through multiple forms of media with a web site or product just a single click away at all times. The time it takes to reach a product (one mouse click) or the physical space between the media the advertisement is conveyed through and the product itself is radically diminished. The simplicity of purchasing is a major factor in reducing conversion rates.

Good Content Is The Best Advertising

Content Syndication

Content Syndication involves developing a positive reputation for a business, product or idea by creating attention within an already created and saturated audience. Sharing content, with a previously formed group of active readers, specific discourse creates opportunities for business and product branding. Content providing valuable information and problem solving ideas is readily received and often creates further discussions and branding opportunities. Syndicating content is an integral part of content marketing. This can be achieved by Guest Posting on a powerful industry blog, online press releases, sharing content via RSS feeds or providing access to content through hundreds of social channels. 2 The Top Marketing can increase business visibility with careful placement of content designed to multiply readership, increase traffic and spread your marketing message to a targeted audience.

Content Syndication To reach A Larger Audience

Digital Influencers and Injection Marketing

When good content appears in-front of social leaders, content marketing becomes the engine that drives traffic to web sites and sells products. Content marketing isn’t just posting links on a business Facebook or Twitter page, rather, it is injecting targeted and personalized discourse into a group discussion or an audience of social influencers that have the power to share a message and reach a larger audience. Content Marketing is what we, at 2 The Top Marketing, like to call “Injection Marketing” – short powerful statements introduced into small groups of online influencers that build brand identity and generate customer action. “Injection marketing” creates brand synergy for our clients.

Commitment To Quality Content

Captivate and Then Re-Engage

The first layer of content inbound marketing is designed to captivate and attract an audience. After the initial interaction through enticing content that is shared and validated by industry leaders on social platforms, a second level of engagement must be created. Employing content syndication techniques are only the initial phase. Once traffic is drawn into the site, additional content is needed to re-engage the user and drive them towards completing an action. Based on the campaign objective, traffic funneled to a web site or specific landing page has a measurable action that signifies success. This can be a lead, a purchase or even the sharing of content within another influential group.

Captivating Content

Media Content

Traditionally content refers to text based media shared via web site pages, blogs, press releases or social media platforms. However, content is not limited to just text based marketing materials. Some of the most effective content marketing is built on video, audio, images or the juxtaposition of multiple media formats. Advertising with multiple formats of digital media open the gates for reaching a larger audience who may prefer to receive information in a format other than straight text. As an example, a video can be posted on YouTube but also added to a web site or embedded in a press release. This increases the potential of reaching a larger audience through multiple media constructs. By diversifying media formats the marketing value of a single marketing piece is multiplied and spread to a greater audience on the web.