Corporate branding

Company Branding Strategy

Corporate branding entails promotional of a company as a whole; how a company does business, how they are positioned in a marketplace, customer service philosophy, the ethics of the corporation, etc… it does not, however, involve branding specific products or services created by the corporation. More often than not, clients approach us expecting a campaign for branding their company to be based on their logo, web site and Facebook presence. Branding encompasses so much more than a graphic logo on stationary. It is about finding the personality and culture of a business that makes it unique, successful and original and then portraying those values in graphic and visual formats that are easily understood and recognized by consumers.

Business and Corporate Branding

Branding has changed in the digital age with the advent of social media, email and search engines but the same principles still apply to this new media. One major factor almost always overlooked in branding is how a branding campaign can attract customers in various stages of the buying process. Knowing how a target market buys during each step in the sales cycle allows us to determine where and how a brand should interact with a potential client while maintaining a consistent message. Once this is determined, a series of individual strategies can be created to support the buying process at each critical phase of the sales cycle. Social media can offer corporations ample opportunities for allowing others to build and promote a brand. Typically, 90% of marketing dollars are spent on traditional advertising and PR but often the most dominant push to buy comes from peer assurance and recommendations that work to support a brand.

What makes a brand special

Some of the vital components that help to create a brand include:

All these elements help to form a company’s brand. Although one component may dominate the brand image, the interdependence and synergy among these elements will form a stronger brand over the longer term. 2 The Top Marketing can help enhance your brand through the implementation of several unique and innovative marketing strategies.

Brands are always changing and growing