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E-Commerce and Online Shopping Cart Solutions

E-Commerce solutions entail far more than building an online shopping cart. We use a variety of platforms for online commerce depending upon the range of products or services being offered. The buying and selling of goods through electronic channels allow businesses to reach a much larger audience than a brick and mortar store. Our e-commerce approach involves a personalized user experience that holds hands with buyers starting from the first interaction with a business through to the final sale and delivery of the product.

Content To Provide Solutions

Moving from a vending machine type of online shopping experience, 2 The Top Marketing promotes specific products and services through inbound content marketing. Most medium and small size companies have a tough time competing online against big box stores like Walmart and Home Depot. With superior pricing, product availability, selection and web presence larger chain stores are nearly impossible to beat with traditional marketing approaches.

The advantage of buying from a small business is typically attention to detail and a personal connection with each buyer. In order for a small business to compete, they must prove value to a consumer base that extends beyond just the price point. This is where content marketing proves to be a valuable resource for increasing sales. Informative content establishes a business as an expert in their industry by providing helpful content to a consumer at exactly the time-frame in which they need it… a business can become a resource that builds a strong rapport with potential buyers. Content marketing, by offering solutions, can pre-sell consumers as they enter into the initial stages of a sales funnel. When businesses cannot compete on price, they must look for alternative methods for building value and their brand.

Quality Site Content Increase Web Commerce

Google is not the only web site that can generate sales. At 2 The Top Marketing we have used dozens of marketing channels to connect consumers with products and lead them into an e-commerce portal. The goal is to look for smaller and more targeted online venues that can reach a consumer in a more personalized way… something larger stores rarely take advantage of.

Simply setting up a shopping cart is not enough to generate sales. Contact 2 The Top Marketing to explore opportunities for positioning your products and services in front of a target marketplace.

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