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Online advertising involves a process of increasing the reputation of a business through inbound content marketing focused on building brand awareness to a targeted segment of a marketplace. The evolution of internet marketing has transformed from a model of direct sales practices to that of building rapport with potential clients. This process has evolved through providing insightful content and turning your company’s web presence into a resource destination rather than a broadcast portal. The difference may seem subtle to most but it involves increasing online visibility by offering helpful content that establishes a business as an educated industry leader. With outbound marketing costs rapidly increasing while the rewards are significantly diminishing, an inbound marketing strategy is highly focused with much higher conversion rates at a much lower cost.

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Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is one aspect of inbound marketing promotion that can reach a targeted consumer base that is both a mobile and PC solution. Mobile advertising is now a crucial aspect of any marketing campaign as web searches, depending on specific markets, derived from mobile devices can account for 50+% of the traffic coming to a web site. Social media marketing is increasing at a steady rate opening up further opportunities for businesses to interact with a client base via content marketing and peer to peer discussions.

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The Internet provides a medium for disseminating content through multiple formats. Advertisers are no longer held to a text based web site to interact with clients. We are seeing a huge rise in conversion rates when content is provided via multiple forms of media on the same web page. This may take the form of an informative article coupled with a video, an info graphic and unique photos/illustrations. The video, info graphic and images can then be marketed for spreading ideas to a wider market across the web. The reach of one piece of content can be multiplied several ways to reach a larger marketplace through numerous marketing channels. It is a highly efficient and cost-effective means for generating leads and building brand awareness.

Data and Analytics Is The Driving Factor Of Web Success

Web marketing campaigns are driven by data. There is no greater factor in the success of a business than an increase in client acquisition or sales. This is the most important statistic to track. However, in order to increase a campaigns success each site visitor must be tracked from the first interaction to the final sale. Tracking data allows 2 The Top Marketing to make informed campaign decisions with the highest impact and greatest results. Data is the cornerstone of a campaigns success.

Data Driven Marketing Campaigns

Web Design and SEO

All online marketing campaigns begin with a thorough analysis of the foundation from which a business sells its products and services. For example, was the web site built as a marketing vehicle to sell the image or brand of the business or was it created before a marketing campaign was ever put into place? Keyword research, content creation, a social strategy and an overall marketing campaign designed to target an audience takes place before the web design process is even considered. One of the largest fails for businesses is to believe that marketing a web site is secondary to the design. The two processes must go hand in hand as one is dependent upon the other. Trying to rank a web site for something it wasn’t originally intended to rank for is highly inefficient and expensive. A marketing campaign controls the design of a web site in order to create a marketing vehicle poised to reach a specific market and built to convert visitors to sales.

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Inbound Content Marketing

2 The Top Marketing’s campaigns place a strong emphasis on high converting inbound marketing techniques that turns a web site into a resource destination for web traffic. This model effectively pre-sells clients by establishing your company’s credibility and expertise within an industry by offering valuable information through multiple channels allowing customers to easily absorb the content. Content marketing, united with search engine marketing, pay-per-click campaigns and local marketing strategies, creates brand awareness and consumer confidence that sells a business to consumers.

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