Marketing Communication Strategies

Marketing Communications Strategy

Targeted Messaging to Communicate Brand Identity

Connecting with a specific market through media and targeted messages is what marketing communications is all about. Marketing communications is really the strategy that ties together advertising, branding, PR and digital marketing techniques. Communicating with prospective clients is driven by content delivered throughout many forms of media such as a web site, social media, video, direct marketing, email marketing or any other form of advertising. An Offline and Online marketing communications strategy designed to sell a product or service begins with a understanding of the foundation of  where a company or product is positioned in the marketplace. From an analysis of marketplace positioning a plan for communication can be developed to touch on benefits, effects and motivations for purchase. The sales cycle is built based on these marketplace positioning parameters and is targeted toward particular individuals or a more targeted sub-set of a market.

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A successful model for a marketing communications strategy revolves around five key principles for establishing credibility in a marketplace.

1. Personal story and information about how or why a company was founded.

2. A clear outline of the product or service and the unique benefits to the consumer.

3. Concise reasons describing why a product or service is better than the competition.

4. Educational information or targeted articles designed to increase consumer knowledge.

5. Testimonials by current clients designed to solidify the value of the company offering.

6. Implementation of media optimization and SEM strategies for optimal traction.

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Marketing communications and a well-developed, clearly defined sales cycle work together to create value and demand for a company’s offerings while sharpening the sales cycle for greater efficiency and increased reward. Refining the sales cycle is a continual process with the long term goal of shortening the cycle. Reducing the time and interaction between the company and a prospect for a quicker sale is often a direct result of a meticulously deigned marketing communications strategy.

Marketing communications looks at reaching potential customers in a highly targeted fashion with a goal of increasing the relevancy of each marketing message. Switching from a mass media, blanket coverage, marketing approach to one of a highly specialized and personalized interaction, a company can increase their ROI, reach a specific subset of a marketplace and stand-out from the barrage of annoying mass marketing.

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