Press Release Distribution Services

Press Release Distribution

Press Releases are an important tool we use for marketing that functions well on many levels. PR services are used in conjunction with inbound marketing techniques, online press release distribution can have a substantial impact with branding, increased search engine ranking and reputation management.

Press releae Aggregation Services

Branding PR: When we write and distribute a press release it is an opportunity to provide your company with a unique voice and frame it in a favorable and specific light. It allows us to focus on specific attributes of a business or product that can set them apart from competitors. Online press releases can contain images and video giving further opportunity to brand a business, service or product.

Reach a Large Audience With Press ReleasesIncreased Rankings and Traffic With Online PR: Press releases provide company data, including a phone number, address and link to a web site. When the content of a press release is written well it can create traffic to a web site. Additionally, the links within a press release help raise ranking positions in search engines. As an SEO function and for traffic generation, press releases offer the opportunity for great results.

Building Relevance Through Press Releases: Press releases show that a business is both relevant and active in a marketplace. They help support the perception that a business is at the forefront of an industry with active involvement in current trends and news topics. It is an opportunity to share industry expertise and position business as a thought leader. And, who doesn’t want to do business with an expert or the industry though leader?

Wide Audience Distribution: Online press releases reach a wide market with distributions to many specific trade publications as well as more broad and very large news organizations. Press releases also provide great content for blog, Facebook and Twitter posts.

Cost Effective PR: Press releases often have the highest marketing impact for the lowest cost. Depending on the market the cost can be less than a nickel per site visitor.

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