Product and Service Branding

Branding For Products and Services

Branding services, particularly with product branding, is about positioning a solid object, a tangible entity, within a marketplace. A Snickers Bar will always taste like a traditional snickers bar and a Pepsi will always be available in a 12 OZ aluminum can in the same shape and size as every other soda pop on the market. Consumer interaction with products is always very similar and the interaction with a product brand should also be the same. Setting a product apart from the ‘sameness’ of other available products in a marketplace is where product branding gains importance. Service brands revolve more around people and an experience with a service brand can often be different with each interaction. Individuals represent the service brand… how well they fulfill a service, how they interact with the customer, if they smile or forget to shake hands with a customer… all of these actions reflect upon a service brand. The person who shows up at your front door to complete the service, in essence, becomes the brand.

Service Branding reflects A Business Culture

Many times discussions about branding services revolve around signage, logos and the product or service. The problem with this thought process is that it eliminates the customer from the equation. Before discussion of colors, taglines and logo design can begin we have to look at the culture of a business and how the service or product interacts with a consumer. Better brands encompass the selling process and sales cycle used to reach potential clients. Many businesses think that they create a brand, that an idea is sold to a consumer, or image of how they want others to see their product or service. The truth is, a brand is actually built more by the consumer… the job of a marketing company is to feed consumers the information needed to allow people to adopt ideas and images of a specific product or service. Through marketing communications and powerful imagery brand identity is created in the mind of the consumer.

Better Business Branding

An inbound marketing strategy enables us to give a voice to a product or service. Information is most often the preemptive factor in making a sale and through content marketing we have the ability to educate a consumer, validate a product or service and build brand identity.

Branding a product with content