Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization

Optimizing a web property for optimal visibility is known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Technically SEO refers to making edits to site code, structure and placement of content but not any kind of marketing. A well optimized web site increases organic ranking in search engines. SEO is one aspect of a digital marketing strategy but it is not a marketing solution.


After a market analysis, SEO is the next phase of internet marketing. What SEO really does for a web site is allow search engines to properly understand what your site is about and who it is intended for. Just because a site is optimized does not mean that it will rank high for particular search phrases… it means that now the site has the possibility to rank. Without SEO, the chances of ranking are slim to none. Once SEO is completed and a web site has potential ranking possibilities, it is ready for online marketing. This is where search engine marketing and inbound content advertising is employed.

Affects of SEO on Ranking

Search Engine Optimization is relatively straight forward and it is not rocket science. However, search engines often change which site attributes they put more weight on and staying up-to-date with these changes is critical for maintaining high ranking and avoiding penalties.

Search engine marketing is an integral part of any search engine promotion but it works in conjunction with other highly effective marketing techniques to be successful. But it is the first step and most crucial stage in establishing proper visibility with search engines.

Web Sites Depend On Search Engine Results

A typical 2 The Top Marketing Web Advertising Workflow generally consists of:

Each element is an important building block to ensure a successful marketing campaign for your company’s products or services. And, we will help you do it right!