Web Design Services

Web Design Services

Mobile Web DesignAs a marketing company we understand the importance of a mobile responsive web site that is used as a marketing vehicle built to grow a business. A web site is an integral part of a larger marketing campaign designed to reach and convert traffic generated from a targeted marketplace. A marketing campaign brands a business and generates traffic where the goal of a web site is to interact with that traffic and convert it into a client. Keeping things simple, a web site functions as a conversion tool.

Marketing Strategy Powers Design

Web design Based On AnalyticsOur design process must start from the beginning in order to be effective. Without proper research of a market, a detailed approach for reaching that market, key word research and a marketing strategy in place it is impossible to build a web site with any impact. Each marketing campaign we create has measurable goals and these campaign objectives as the basis for our design. Each page of a site serves a purpose and functions as a tool for client acquisition. Some pages a have copy designed to convert a particular subset of a marketplace or rank for a specific keyword while other pages brand a business or build rapport with a client. Some pages are designed to lead a user into a sales funnel and yet others serve to establish expertise in a market.

We are often approached by businesses with a web site that was thrown together by a graphic design company that looks really good but has absolutely no marketing power. A common phrase we hear is; “Our site looks good but we don’t have any traffic. Can you rank us #1 for ______”. It is not just about looking pretty. The days of jamming keywords into a site and hoping that Google will rank it for something that it was never designed for are long gone. A business needs a web site backed by a plan to generate and convert traffic. An outline for a web site isn’t even considered until a strategic marketing plan is in place.

Web Design Strategy

Once a marketing plan is created and the goals and objectives of the campaign are clarified we can begin to develop an outline of the site structure showing how each web user interacts with various pages and how they enter into the site. The critical aspect of the outline is to identify the flow of traffic that filters potential clients and directs them into a sales funnel. The outline phase also allows us to organize the site, understand how much content will need to be created, look at the number of pages required to rank for specific keywords and begin to build a user-friendly navigation structure.

Web Copy-writing

Copy is one of the most important aspects of the web design process. Not only is copy critical for search engine ranking but it embodies the essence of a business with the goal of branding them as a marketplace leader. The copy is the energy that  generates action and drives users to continue reading and clicking toward the final campaign goal.

web site content

Web Design Stage

From this outline we can begin the design phase that fully represents the client’s marketing opportunity and highlights the marketing copy. The design stands as a pillar to support the content where the content is designed to push users toward the campaign objective. Client demographics and design principles are critical in the process for selecting color schemes, fonts and images that will appeal to a target market. User experience design is essential in encouraging potential clients far down in the sales funnel and as close to conversion as possible. The aesthetics of the web graphic design reiterate the message in the copy and extend the company branding throughout the entire visitor experience.

creative web design

Web Site Construction

In this technical phase, the goal is to turn the design and content into an easy to maneuver tool designed to return high conversion rates. 2 The Top Marketing typically designs web sites on the WordPress platform as it allows us and our clients to easily access and make edits to their site. It can be an SEO friendly tool if used correctly and it delivers a mobile friendly and responsive web design accessible on all hand-held devices. Our team of CSS and PHP coders adhere to WC3 web standards for cross-browser compatibility and search engine recognition. The WordPress content management system (CMS) enables client blog posting and shopping cart updates for easy site maintenance.

Social Media Integration

With the completion of the web site social media profiles are then constructed mirroring the design of the web site. This extends company branding throughout all marketing channels and cohesively connects each media piece for client recognition. Each social media portal has design limitations but the custom design will reflect the business brand and encompass the marketing objectives.

Web Design Strategy