Web Site Copy Writing

Web Site and Social media Copy Writing

As a marketing and web development company you would think that graphic design and coding would be the most important facet of our service offering. These aspects of design are crucial to our campaigns but in today’s SEO climate, content is the key component in a campaigns success. As an internet marketing company actively using inbound content marketing techniques to connect businesses with consumers, we have realized the significant role content plays in the over-all sales process. From the first interaction with a potential client to the closing sale and follow-up dialogue, copy directed at reaching specific campaign goals surrounds each aspect of our marketing. Each Tweet and Facebook post was written with a campaign objective, blog posts are penned with a call-to-action and web copy is composed with specific conversion objectives.

Web Site Copy Writing For Business

Quantity And Quality Of Content Each marketing campaign requires a substantial amount of content. Every web site, social portal or marketing piece requires content to be created. Written content is designed specifically to reach a marketing goal… whether it is copy designed to rank high in search engines, convert a visitor or establish rapport with site visitors each marketing piece has a measurable objective. Copy and content can sell a business.

There are precise ways copy is written for higher conversions… length, number of images, number of headers, use of complimentary keywords, link structure, etc… These content attributes are based on research and data to return the best results and include;.

Text: Web site pages, blog posts, social media postings, email, e-books, white papers, product descriptions, audio scripts, video scripts, ad copy, landing pages

Images: Photographs, graphic design, info graphics, typography

Video:  Video, audio, animation, graphic design…

Social Media: 140 character Tweets, Facebook posts, Pinterest descriptions, YouTube video descriptions

Call-To-Action: Newsletters, white papers, e-books…

Copy and Site Content For Web Pages

One of the biggest drawbacks of writing your own web copy is that often times the writer is too close to their product or service. The content is delivered coming from an industry perspective rather than from the consumer standpoint. Copy needs to be focused on the needs of the consumer using a language that is easily understandable and coherent to those outside of an industry. Search engines change algorithms frequently and understanding these changes typically controls how copy is written and structured. The average business owner or copywriter typically does not have time to devote to analyzing these algorithm changes. Understanding the subtleties of these continuous alterations will modify the approach to writing both in the structure of a document as well as the length and phrases used, including their juxtaposition.

Using professional copy writers to develop web content results in higher search engine ranking, more conversions and content that works to fulfill the goals of a larger marketing campaign.

Good Copy Sells Products and Services