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WordPress Content Marketing Platform

Wordpress Web DesignThe majority of web sites that we construct are created with WordPress. WordPress is a proven web site platform that offers a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) friendly environment with a wide array of design possibilities. There are numerous design themes that are easily adaptable to artistically feature any type of business and which will be aesthetically attractive to your web site’s visitors. Importantly, responsive themes maintain a mobile compliant web site.

The content management system is well organized with robust functionality for text editing and adding images. This makes it easy for in-house employees to maintain the content of both the website or a shopping cart. It is easy to create a web page format for adding products, services, testimonials, product spec’s, technical information, instructions, Frequently Asked Questions, videos, and updating Web design and Blogging Platformprice changes as well as any other information that helps to market your products or services to your customer base. Additionally, our team of experts can train your employees to use and maximize this functionality.

The blogging software, coupled with creative themes, allow for easy content distribution through syndication, social marketing, RSS feeds and search engine ranking. The flexibility for design, modern look and range of useful plug-ins provides the best marketing platform for 2 The Top Marketing to provide successful web campaigns for your business.